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Sonon™ 500L Ultrasound from Healcerion

Why ultrasound is an important and necessary investment for your practice.

Ultrasound is fast becoming the standard of care for patient screening and guided injections and is often referred to as the new stethoscope of medicine. By introducing ultrasound you will differentiate your practice without impacting workflow as you:

1. Improve patient outcomes.  Utilizing ultrasound is fast becoming a best practice for MSK practitioners. The Sonon 300L allows your team to clearly see the normal vs abnormal underlying structures, enabling more detailed, accurate diagnosis and treatment that leads to improving patient outcomes. Our ultrasound is easy to deploy in seconds, enabling fast efficient workflow and minimizing the impact to patient throughput.

2. Increase revenue. In today’s highly competitive Healthcare marketplace diagnostic ultrasound provides your practice the opportunity to increase revenue by improving treatment retention rates and (for practices that have guided Ultrasound billing capability) acquire a new and growing revenue stream.  A typical small practice will see an ROI within 6 months. For many practices that choose to finance their purchase the Healcerion Ultrasound can provide a net positive revenue flow within two months. By integrating ultrasound into your practice, you will grow your revenue stream and you are investing in your future.

3. Improve Patient engagement. Ultrasound allows your patients the opportunity to experience an “up close and personal” view of how their body works. This enables your practitioners the ability to educate your customers on their condition, physically seeing the pathology. Studies have shown that customers who see and are educated on their condition are more emotionally and intellectually invested in, and more motivated to following, treatment regimes. By incorporating ultrasound into your practice, we are confident that you will increase patient satisfaction.

4. Develop a skill for life. Healcerion is here to guide your learning process. With Healcerion you buy a capability, not just a product. Healcerion’s highly experienced and qualified MSK Sonography instructors can help with online and onsite training options. Included in your purchase price is unlimited online 1 on 1 consultation and training combined with 24 x 365 support, everything you need to get your team up and running. Our popular and proven ½ day and 1 day onsite training courses are available at your practice for those that want to speed up their learning process.

Why Healcerion™ is the right choice for you.

ROCKTAPE is dedicated to seeking out the very best in class partnerships for you to maximize your ROCKTAE experience which is why we have partnered with Healcerion. Recognized as the world’s leading wireless Point of Care ultrasound company, Healcerion introduced the world’s first FDA approved wireless handheld ultrasound in 2014 and is a world leader in Wireless Ultrasound AI development

Healcerion’s excellent reputation for product quality, award winning innovation and outstanding education and support are all included with every purchase. This makes Healcerion the best cost of ownership value for independent practitioners. Healcerion also understands that ultrasound is a new skill for many customers and is truly dedicated to helping you in all aspects of integrating this capability into your practice, offering guidance in all areas including initial skill training, financing and how to maximize customer education and engagement.

For more information on how Imaging can improve your practice, see the publication, Diagnostic and Procedural Imaging in Physical Therapist Practice. 2016. APTA. Orthopaedic Section, or visit the APTA Imaging SIG at https://www.orthopt.org/content/special-interest-groups/imaging

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