Healcerion SONON Series

The initial password is 1234567890. You can change the password at the SONON app.

The dimensions of the SONON are Width: 78 mm; Height: 38 mm; Length: 229 mm.

The weight of the device without the battery inserted is 288 g and the battery weighs 102g so the combined weight of the system is just 390 g.

The SONON only connects to iOS and Android tablets or phones.

No, the SONON device has a fan built into the system which adequately transfers any heat away from the Handset. We often use our systems inside sterile covers for all-day sessions and have no issues with overheating. The system would advise that you turn off the power and reuse it after cooling if the handgrip temperature is over 40˚C.

No, the SONON is both wireless and cable-less which prevents you from being physically tied to a monitor and even lowers the risk of cross-contamination.

No, the SONON generates its own WIFI network (2.4 and 5GHz) that connects to the iOS or Android device. So, you can use SONON anywhere.

In continuous Scan Mode, the one battery will last for 3 Hours. If used normally ‘freezing image between patients, it should last in Stand-by Mode for up to 12 hours. You can then change over to the second battery as provided with our system.

The operating system and supported mobile device recommendations are as below.
The minimum components you require is that the device is iOS 9.0+ or Android 6.0+ versions and it has to be Wi-Fi enabled.

iOS 9.0 Version +
Android 6.0 Version +
iPhone 6 Plus and newer
iPad Pro and newer
iPad Mini 4 and newer
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, S3
Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet
Nvidia SHIELD Tablet K1