Ultrasound Reimbursement

A typical busy single physician (i.e.DO or MD) practice performing approx. 1 ultrasound procedure per day can expect < 6mo ROI with Healcerion Ultrasound*

*Calc. using CPT 76882 @ $36.61ea assuming 137 procedures over 120 days (6mo) with $4,995 price

How do I get reimbursed for using ultrasound?

Understanding ultrasound billing and reimbursement is made simple when you purchase your Healcerion handheld wireless ultrasound through ROCKTAPE. Included in your purchase price is a free 30-minute consult with an experienced independent PT business owner on how to realize rapid ROI on your Sonon 300 ultrasound. Note: not all medical practitioners are eligible for reimbursement and varies by State*.

If you are new to ultrasound billing and reimbursement. Healcerion will guide you through your first reimbursement process from beginning to end. We make sure that you select the correct codes and complete all the necessary data points required for ultrasound reimbursement and educate you on what to expect. If you are billing private patients, we can also suggest appropriate fees for your most common procedures.

Already familiar with billing and reimbursement? Ask our Healcerion experts on best practices and information.

Concerned about cash flow while you wait for your reimbursement? Healcerion has partnered with industry leading Finance companies to offer you financing options like a 30 day postponement to make sure your Sonon 300 Ultrasound is already generating a positive cash flow before making your first lease to own payment.

Examples of Ultrasound billing codes. Healcerion is working on providing links to the latest ultrasound billing codes on our website so you can always keep up to date with the latest codes and reimbursement rates.

For an example of the rates you may expect, see the table overleaf.

Example of MSK Ultrasound reimbursement values 2018

Current reimbursement values can be found at the Centers for Medicare and Medicade Services at CMS.GOV

A table with the names of all the surgical procedures.

*Note that reimbursement codes will vary depending on State and/or insurance company guidelines. Healcerion does not, nor can guarantee any ultrasound reimbursement values.

To setup your Ultrasound reimbursement consult simply call (877) 572-6530, or email sales@healcerionusa.com